Office Productivity Skills Course List

Many business owners and corporate executives may not have the time to think about office productivity training and how to arrange an adequate lesson plan for their employees. They understand why it’s needed but have no consistent method of implementing a closed looped system that will accomplish many important aspects of employee development and talent management including:

  • Reducing training costs and improving employee performance,
  • Preserving the value of each employee and their effectiveness in their jobs,
  • Expanding and improving computing skills that the organization needs,
  • Improving the effectiveness of the work accomplished and,
  • Promoting and increasing employee job satisfaction in a meaningful manner.

If you would like to sign-up for a course please contact us at 1-800-686-2098 we will be happy to assist you in the selection of your course and answer any questions you might have. Corporate training plans are also available for all organizations.

We are proud to offer our customers the following office productivity courses:

Course ID Course Title Description
OP5141UACE Excel 2013 Advanced PivotTables and Charts Learn the advanced tools to dynamically reorganize, summarize and display your data in Excel 2013.
OP5140FWAE Excel 2013 Financial and What-If Analysis Learn to use financial functions, iterative calculations, and the Watch Window for better financial decisions and Control What-if Analysis.
OP5139FFIE Excel 2013 Advanced Formulas Learn to master the Date and Time, Logical, and Lookup and reference categories that enable you to quickly complete tasks and analyze data.
OP5138AFLE Excel 2013 Advanced Layouts Learn advanced features to customize format and layout data.
OP5137RPCE Excel 2013 Content Protection Manage review and protect multiple workbooks while creating and sharing content.
OP5136AMIP PowerPoint 2013 Media Control Control the PowerPoint 2013 animation tools which make slide shows more fluid and interesting.
OP5135EPPP PowerPoint 2013 Presentation Control Learn how to improve your presentations and emphasize text and data more professionally.
OP5134MCIO Outlook 2013 Management Learn to improve the configuration of Outlook itself to suit the way you work.
OP5133SATO Outlook 2013 Scheduling Master the major components of the Calendar and stay organized.
OP5132DTCE Excel 2013 Table and Chart Presentations Learn to create attractive and well-organized representations of worksheet and workbook data with tables and charts.
OP5131PCFE Excel 2013 Calculations using Functions Learn to use formulas to do complicated calculations reducing the number of errors in tasks.
OP5130CFSE Excel 2013 Conditional Formatting Master conditional formatting to highlight trends and exceptions in cells or ranges of cells.
OP5129ATCW Word 2013 Table Customization and Tips Learn how to convert table data to text and master table editing.
OP5128CDLW Word 2013 Document Layout Control Learn to create easy-to-read documents with a balanced visual appearance.
OP5127AFIW Word 2013 Formatting Master your Design Tab Features.
OP5126DSME Excel 2013 Macros for Validation and Search Learn to manage and validate data and automate repetitive tasks.
OP5125MDIE Excel 2013 Data Manipulation Learn Excel organizing and managing data tips including sorting and filtering tools that are essential to data analysis.
OP5124UMAP PowerPoint 2010 Media Control Learn PowerPoint 2010 animation tools which make slide shows more fluid and interesting.
OP5123VEPP PowerPoint 2010 Presentation Control Learn the features that improve your presentations and emphasize text and data more professionally.
OP5122ULTE Excel 2010 Math and Text Functions Learn to use Excel 2010 math and text functions and categories to enable you to quickly complete tasks and analyze data.
OP5121STWD Word 2010 Document Structuring Master the use of headings to restructure the outline of a document.
OP5120OATW Word 2010 Text Organization Improve your skills with the basic paragraph-formatting features.
OP5119FWTW Word 2010 Formatting Improve your skills with the various Word formatting options.
OP5118UTFO Outlook 2010 Journal Features Improve your Journal skills to help keep you and your information organized.
OP5117IBCE Excel 2010 Charting Master the Charts Group on the Insert Tab of the Ribbon to provide an effective visualization of your data.
OP5116UBFE Excel 2010 Functions Learn the most used functions that are Excel inbuilt formulas that save you time.
OP5115CFTS Excel 2010 Conditional Formatting Master conditional formatting to highlight trends and exceptions in cells or ranges of cells.
OP5114MDMW Excel 2010 Worksheet or Workbook Data Move and Modification Techniques Learn how to move and manipulate large amounts of data in worksheets or workbooks quickly and efficiently.
OP5113ECTW Word 2010 Chart Embedding Learn how to create Excel workbooks with linked data which can be manipulated and displayed in an attractive and effective manner.
OP5112MTIW Word 2010 Table Manipulation Improve your ability to both design tables and manipulate your table data.
OP5111CFTW Word 2010 Table Formatting Learn to create, style, and format tables in your documents.
OP5110ATBW Word 2010 TOC (Table of Contents) Construction and Bookmarking Learn to insert navigation and reference materials into a document with the proper heading styles applied.
OP5109TPCE Excel 2010 Advanced PivotTables and Charts Learn the advanced tools to dynamically reorganize, summarize and display your data in Excel 2010.
OP5108EDFR Excel 2010 Data and Formula Validation Learn to audit formulas and correct errors that may be found. In addition, improve your Excel data validation tool knowledge.
OP5107OTWA Office 2010 Web Apps – Publisher and Mobile Learn to maximize Office Web Apps as online extensions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote.
OP5106NMOT Office 2010 Messaging and Collaboration Features Learn the enhanced collaboration and unified messaging features of Office 2010.
OP5105OTNF Core Features of Office 2010 Learn the key features and enhancements in the Office 2010 suite of products.
OP5010ITUO Office 2007 Messaging and Collaboration Features Learn how to configure and implement Information Rights Management (IRM) in Outlook 2007.
OP5097AVDF Word 2007 Advanced Document Features Master the use of macros to automate and streamline the way you work with repetitive and complex tasks.
OP5092WTPW Word 2007 Text and Paragraph Control Master the Font and Paragraph formatting options, as well as the Mini toolbar and live preview features.
OP5091GSWD Word 2007 Getting Started Improve your control over the user interface Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar and Mini Toolbar. Navigate even faster.
OP5077UTCG Word 2007 Table and Chart Control Improve your ability to format, sort and analyze your table and chart data. Enhance your skills in creating, formatting and modifying tables and charts.
OP5076AVDN Word 2007 Advanced Document Navigation and Review Enhance your skills on table of contents creation, modification and deletion.
OP5075AVFW Word 2007 Advanced Formatting Enhance your skills on the use of theme colors, theme fonts and theme effects.
OP5089ADDG PowerPoint 2007 Presentation Graphics Control Improve your ability to create dynamic slide show presentations and incorporate diagrams, tables, and charts to enhance your presentations’ appeal.
OP5088GSPT PowerPoint 2007 Getting Started Refresh and enhance your skills on how to use layouts and views and the basic must-know aspects of PowerPoint.
OP5071AVCE Excel 2007 Advanced Customization Master custom template, theme, and style features to enhance the look and feel of your spreadsheets and workbooks. Strengthen your macro knowledge.
OP5006EXCD Excel 2007 Data Exchange Learn to create database and web queries. Import Excel 2007 data into other applications using XML to manage and customize workbooks.
OP5070AVDM Excel 2007 Advanced Data Management Master your data validation skills. Learn to use the advanced sort, filter, group and outline features that improve productivity.
OP5069AVFE Excel 2007 Advanced Chart Formatting Control Improve your skills in modifying charts and pictures, and creating and editing custom number formats.
OP5007CRSS PowerPoint 2007 Custom Slides Enhance your custom slide shows for different audiences.
OP5008DISP PowerPoint 2007 Presentation Distribution Setup-up and Secure your presentations for distribution to other audiences.
OP5073CONF Outlook 2007 Rule and Alert Configuration. Enhance your skills in predefined or custom rules and alerts and message organization.
OP5009DATS Outlook 2007 Working Offline Learn Offline Access and Synchronization Settings for Outlook 2007.