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Why Executives, Managers and Employees Should Use Office Productivity Skills Training

Great information and a good read! This type of training is beneficial to our employees as we strive to be more efficient and effective in performing our daily work.

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Chapter 1: Benefits of Employee Development: How it Contributes to Workplace Improvement
Benefits of employee training and development programs
Top reasons companies need employee training and development programs
Workplace demands on employees require basic and advanced computer skills training
Chapter 2: Lack of Office Productivity and Employee Computer Skills Training is Harming Your Organization
Lack of office productivity training causes a decrease in efficiency and production
Stress occurs when employees are unable to perform on the job
Employee tasks require maximum office productivity and computer skills training

Courses and Author

Our Office Productivity Courses include MS Office, Outlook, PowerPoint, MS Access, Word and Excel. Some of our Excel featured courses also include:
Manipulating Data in Excel, Data Search, Data Validation and Macros in Excel, Advanced Formulas and Functions in Excel and Using PivotTables, PivotCharts and Advanced Charts in Excel among many. These courses can be included with our business skills training courses such as Project Management to create any customized training lesson plan.
J.M. Cove is an international quality management system auditor and consultant with over 15 years’ experience working with multiple quality management system (QMS) registrars.
He has trained both corporate internal quality auditors and lead auditors. As a quality management consultant, he has also led multiple teams and companies through quality management system certification covering certification schemes such as ISO 9001 while using his leadership, communication and technical skills. Like many, he travels, works and writes!